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About us

The name ‘Arise’ derives from the reflection of the journey a refugee or asylum-seeking young person may take. Many children go through a life-changing experience, often coming from war-torn countries to get to the UK. Many child refugees and asylum-seeking children have lost their loved ones and put their dreams and aspirations on hold.

We have developed a mentoring programme to build relationships between approved individuals and refugee children to give them the start they need in life to progress and excel. This will ensure these children and their families, have direct support and access to the local community.

Our programme started in 2017 to support fostering agencies and local authorities, in London and Birmingham, with their unaccompanied asylum seekers UASC who are in foster care. Then in 2018, we moved to Bradford to introduce School-Based Mentoring (SBM), where schools are involved in either referring or providing space for the mentoring activity to support refugees who are in schools. And since then we are expanding to more schools in the city.

Arise Mentoring is an associate product of My Foster Family, a social enterprise which improves foster care service across the UK.

Our Partners