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If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.

– Sir Isaac Newton

Our Vision

Empower young refugees to become confident and self sufficient individuals who have the ability to reach their full potential.

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What our people say:

I have been working with my mentor for more than 6 months now. We had an amazing time together, She is like best friends to me that listens and helps me. she has taught me things that I never knew before, things that will help me in the future. She has given me guidance, encouragement and she is absolutely the best and sweetest mentor ever.
B.H. 15


FZ has made a lot of good progress in terms of his communication and language skills, we were now able to conduct 90% of the session in English and FZ felt comfortable to chat with me throughout.
Azza Almossalmi


I learned how to be a good person, never give up
A.A. 16


The people that came and talked to us taught me that life is hard and I need to try to be the best on the thing that I want to do. It was a good experience and time going away from home and spending some time with people like me who understand me more.
K.E, 16


I learn many things, how to be confident in your school and also to be brave and anyone make fun of you, recognise him, go on your way what you want to do.
M.K, 14


Who we are?

Arise Mentoring is a personal development programme designed for refugee & asylum-seeking young people. The programme has been designed to aid children in developing their growth within society and enabling them with the support and guidance they need to succeed in later life.

Our Mentees

14-18-year-old migrant and refugees attending high school

It is school-based mentoring and therefore the sessions will take place on school premises during or immediately after school, however, some sessions will take place outside school premises, typically for 2 hours a month.

Mentees are given the opportunity to be part of the programme to help them reach their aspirations and to be matched on their interests and career goals. Most mentees have taken treacherous journeys to get to the UK and have gone through traumatic experiences.

Mentees meet with the Arise Team before being matched, to get to know the team, the programme and gain an insight into what they would like to gain from it and how best we can help them.  We work out an agreed plan with the mentee and they will go on to have meetings with the Arise Team and their parents, guardians or social workers to ensure that they get the very best out of the programme.

How does it work?

Arise mentors are required to have meetings with their mentees for two hours a month over a 12-month period where they will work on our four core skill areas building on skills that will help the mentees to achieve their full potential through a range of activities.

In between the scheduled mentoring meetings, there will be a follow-up phone call to the mentee to discuss progress and prepare for the next scheduled mentoring activity. During the programme, mentors are expected to take part in mandatory programme training to further enhance their skills and discuss any issues that they may have. 

Mentors will receive training at the start of their induction and will be supported by our team throughout the programme. Mentors will also be expected to have a clear DBS check. 

Please note all mentors will be required to carry out the necessary checks before starting with Arise Mentoring.

Why ?

Over the last few years, the UK has witnessed an influx of refugee children entering the country hoping to make it their home. Many children who have come into the UK as refugees or asylum seekers are in need of a loving and stable home due to coming from war-torn countries or having suffered previous traumatic experiences.

What our mentors achieve
  • Become a better leader 
  • Learn more about yourself 
  • Re-confirm your own goals & aspirations 
  • Evaluate your best self 
  • Pass on your skills 
  • Feel good about yourself 
  • Give back to the community 
  • Help build better future pathways 
What our young people achieve
  • Developing social skills, with particular focus on adapting to British culture while maintaining the mentees own culture
  •  Develop English language and other academic support
  •  Provide emotional support
  • Serve as an advocate and guide basic activities such as using public transportation, using a library, looking for a job, etc
  • Develop workforce preparedness skills
  • Provide opportunities for peer interaction and support