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About us

‘Arise’ derives from the reflection of the journey a refugee or asylum-seeking young person may take when they have the ambition to rise up and make a better life for themselves.

Often children who have come to the UK as refugees have already experienced some level of emotional or physical trauma.  Refugee children will be fostered up until the age of 18. At this age, they are then left to lead an independent life, often without any support. We recognise the need for extended support of all refugee youths and want to make a change in giving them the support they need to further excel.

We have developed this mentoring programme in order to build relationships between approved individuals and refugee children in an attempt to give refugee children an opportunity to grow, feel empowered and learn new skills.

Arise Mentoring is an associate product of My Foster Family, a social enterprise which improves foster care service across the UK. We are also part of Mercy Mission UK, a leading charity that incubates social impact programmes within wider society across the world. Mercy Mission have successfully developed National Zakat Foundation, Charity Right & Muslim Foster Network consecutively.